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Re: Iptables

On 06/27/2014 09:52 PM, The Wanderer wrote:
> On 06/27/2014 03:31 PM, Diogene Laerce wrote:
>> On 06/27/2014 08:36 PM, PaulNM wrote:
>>> On 06/27/2014 02:00 PM, Diogene Laerce wrote:
>>>> I didn't or at least not on purpose. I just reply to the list on
>>>> a random message and make a new topic of it for light
>>>> convenience. I didn't know it could do any harm. And actually, I
>>>> even don't understand how you can know that ? Please explain, I
>>>> will sleep a bit light less dumber tonight. ;)
>>> It's in the email headers.  Look at at the whole header sometime,
>>> there's quite a bit of info in there.
>>> In Thunderbird/IceDove : View -> Headers -> All
>>> Among many, many other things, you'll see "In reply to".  There's
>>> also a host of list related stuff like "List-Id" and
>>> "List-Unsubscribe" headers.  List-Id in particular is useful to use
>>> for filtering.
>>> In Thunderbird/IceDove you'll have to add it as a custom header
>>> when setting up the filter, but it's *way* better than trying to
>>> filter by the contents of the subject line or to address.
>> I saw it but I don't understand how it could be *way* better than
>> using the address for filtering. And actually how do you use this ?
> It's better because:
> * The List-ID header appears only in messages from the list, and in
> every message from the list.
> * The List-ID header should theoretically never change, even if the
> mailing list address changes (which can happen if, e.g., it moves to be
> hosted by a different server).
> * The list E-mail address can appear in different headers (From, To, CC,
> et cetera - sometimes depending on the mailing list, sometimes just
> depending on the particular mail), and it's harder to properly filter on
> multiple headers than on just one.
> * In some cases (I haven't figured them all out yet), the list E-mail
> address may not appear in the message at all.
> * If you post to a mailing list, and someone hits Reply All on your
> post, you will get two copies of the reply (unless your mail provider
> filters one out, which has disadvantages). Both copies will include the
> list's E-mail address somewhere, but only one of them actually came
> through the list, so only one of them should be caught by the filter -
> and only one of them will have the List-ID header.

Now I see your point.

>> And actually how do you use this ?
> That depends on your mail client. I know how to do it in Thunderbird 2,
> and it's almost certainly very similar in current Thunderbird / Icedove,
> but I don't have a functional Icedove instance nearby to give exact
> directions.

I tried to customize a new filter "List-Id" but it didn't take it. It
will take more researches I guess.

>>> Oh, there's also "User-Agent", which is how I know you use IceDove.
>>> :)
>> In fact, I use outlook express but it sends the icedove signature to 
>> look cool. The Oedipe complex I guess..
> That's... really weird, because your User-Agent header reads:
> ========
> Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Icedove/24.6.0
> ========
> Which not only mentions the absolutely most current release version of
> Icedove - even though Outlook Express hasn't seen a new release in years
> last I heard - but also claims that you're using 64-bit Linux. (And
> Outlook Express barely runs on modern Windows AFAIK, much less on
> Linux.)

Sorry for misleading you but it was just a joke.

And thanks for the explanations, that was worth the brain little extra
heat ! :)
“One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.”
“Le vrai n'est pas plus sûr que le probable.”

                                              Diogene Laerce

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