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Re: Iptables

On 06/27/2014 02:00 PM, Diogene Laerce wrote:
>> Please don't hijack an existing thread when you open a new topic. You
>> have done this twice on this thread which was originally titled
>> "Resizing LVM issue".
> I didn't or at least not on purpose. I just reply to the list on a
> random message and make a new topic of it for light convenience. I
> didn't know it could do any harm. And actually, I even don't understand
> how you can know that ? Please explain, I will sleep a bit light less
> dumber tonight. ;)

It's in the email headers.  Look at at the whole header sometime,
there's quite a bit of info in there.

In Thunderbird/IceDove : View -> Headers -> All

Among many, many other things, you'll see "In reply to".  There's also a
host of list related stuff like "List-Id" and "List-Unsubscribe"
headers.  List-Id in particular is useful to use for filtering.

In Thunderbird/IceDove you'll have to add it as a custom header when
setting up the filter, but it's *way* better than trying to filter by
the contents of the subject line or to address.

Oh, there's also "User-Agent", which is how I know you use IceDove. :)

> Thanks to all for stopping by. :)

Thanks for staying. :)

- PaulNM

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