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Re: Personal Recommendations for Free List Compatible Email Service

On Wed, 2014-04-23 at 09:24 -0400, Henning Follmann wrote:
> Pointless and wrong too. The fact that the ads don't make it to your screen
> doesn't mean you are not targeted.
> See the point I am trying to make here: our "free" culture has a very high
> social price. The fact that you do not pay for google, facebook, twitter,
> etc. does not mean they are free.
> And tools like the debian project allow us to make decisions to work
> against these social inequities. And maybe sometimes it is worth paying
> money for some things to get some freedom back. The internet was at it
> inception a very decentralized idea. Today it is massively centralized.
> Especially breaking the communication part back open is a very important
> part for a free and open society. This is also why I do not like gmail,
> yahoo, fb so much. But everybody has to make his/her own decisions.

I don't like any provider. I didn't follow this thread. Is there a

Log into your mailman accounts for other mailing lists and you will see
your bounce score, perhaps not seriously high, but there likely is one.

I receive mails from mailing lists with my Alice account, but if I try
to reply using the Alice account I get this:

"This message does not comply with required standards."

So today I send mails to the Debian list using a Rocketmail (Yahoo)
account, while I receive by the Alice account. For Arch general I
received messages by Alice too, but since it#s not an open list, I
needed to change from Alice to Rocketmail (Yahoo).

JFTR all accounts, Alice and Rocketmail caused trouble some days ago,
but the Alice account was unsubscribed from Debian.org lists and
delivery was disabled for several, not all, mailman lists I'm subscribed
too, the issues with Rocketmail (Yahoo) were not that extreme.

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