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Personal Recommendations for Free List Compatible Email Service

What with my authentication problems with my Yahoo Mail address on this
list, anyone have personal recommendations for a good, free email
service (other than gmail -- I don't want the mails getting routed to
my phone) to run my lists subcriptions through?  I've been researching
and most all that I've considered have gotten over 75% bad evaluations
from those who've tried them.

I don't need lots of storage or big attachment sizes (or any
attachments really), but I do need IMAP, so I can use Claws.  It must be
reasonably secure and dependable, i.e, good "up" times.

FYI: If I don't get replies -- because of Yahoo my posts don't get
mirrored back to me -- I can't know if this got through.  So, at
least, one person reply even if you don't have a recommendation.



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