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Re: Personal Recommendations for Free List Compatible Email Service

On 20140421_1025-0700, Patrick Bartek wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Apr 2014, Xiánwén Chén wrote:
> > Hi Patrick,
> > 
> > Why not just a second Gmail account for various lists?
> That was the first thing I considered, but didn't want to be a part of
> Google+ and all that social networking crap Google pushes on gmail
> applicants.
> Also, I have an Android-based phone and was concerned that list mail
> from another gmail account would automatically show up there just like
> my grandfathered account (no Google+, etc). A 100 mails per days? The
> phone beeping each time a mail shows up. No thank you. 

Why not get a second cell phone for the unwanted emails, and leave it
at home on the dresser? ;-/

 FYI: You're
> forced into having a gmail account with an Android phone. But that was
> okay as the grandfathered account is for business, and I wanted those
> mails sent to the phone.
> However, gmail is still in the running. I've discoverd there are ways to
> opt-out of Google+ etc when opening a new account or with an existing
> one. But Google doesn't make it easy.
> Don't know yet if all gmail accounts will get their mail sent to the
> phone or not. (Probably not) But more investigation is needed.  I want
> to be sure.
> B
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