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Re: UEFI install

Hi Corey,

On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 07:11:45AM -0700, Corey Blair wrote:
>I downloaded debian-7.4.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso and then used unetbootin to
>make a bootable USB flash drive from it.  I changed UEFI boot to
>legacy mode and booted off the UEFI USB.  The installer runs fine,
>but I have trouble loading the components from "cd-rom", so I execute
>a shell and mount /dev/sdb /cdrom, which used to work but now it's
>failing with "invalid argument".

Gah, yet another person using unetbootin. It's responsible for a lot
of problem reports we're seeing these days. It's totally unnecessary
for our images these days, and has been for ages. You can simply write
our amd64 and i386 images directly to a USB stick using dd or
win32diskimager. unetbootin will not start the installer in the right
way, and AFAIK won't do the right things with UEFI either.

>When it was working I went through, partitioned some space for
>Debian, got all the way to GRUB and I get something about grub failed
>to install to /target/.  I'd try to run the install again and get the
>exact message but now I am having difficulties with even loading the
>components off USB.

There's a known issue here that hits some people booting off USB in
legacy mode this way. If you can try using the DVD image (written
directly to the USB stick) again, booting in UEFI mode, that should
most likely work much better for you.

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