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Re: Personal Recommendations for Free List Compatible Email Service

On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 02:40:40PM +0100, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 April 2014 14:24:25 Henning Follmann wrote:
> > This is also why I do not like gmail,
> > yahoo, fb so much. But everybody has to make his/her own decisions.
> Yes, but you have been very rude about those who make a decision which is 
> different from yours.  Those who disagree with you are not necessarily 
> suckers, they just disagree with you.  You choose to be paranoid.  That is 
> your prerogative.  But it is mine to be a "sucker" if I so choose, without 
> being called names.
> Lisi
I know I suck at sugarcoating. But you should be more careful about taking
things out of context.
That sentence (difference between paranoid and bein a sucker) lists the two
extremes. Yes I know I swing to the paranoid side but inbetween there are
many shades.
If you ignore all the obvious signs you are a sucker, but I don't say that
having a gmail account equals to being a sucker.

But FWIW from the day of our existence we are all suckers :)
until the sweet relieve of death.


Henning Follmann           | hfollmann@itcfollmann.com

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