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Re: Running apt*, help needed

Bob Proulx wrote the following on 12/07/2011 12:37 AM:
Dennis Wicks wrote:
Oops! Another thing I don't know how to do: Mount a disk from a
system that isn't running! When I say "mount" I meant something like
"mount //host/share " where fstab defines  to mount it on
"/some/local/mount/point". Obviously not what you thought I meant!

So you have been samba mounting your own system on itself and thinking
that was a chroot??  No.  That is something completely different.

No, that is not what I have been doing! Systems are connected by 100 Mbps network. System "B" is the one that has the problems. System "A" is the one that is fully functional. "B" root volume is defined as a Samba share. It is the entire volume/disk. That share is mounted on system "A" on the mount point /dgwicks/root. ("dgwicks" is the system/network name of system "B".) On system "A" I did a
   chroot /dgwicks/root dpkg -i /fix-sys/??.deb
and immediately got a segmentation fault.

When I tried dpkg root=/dgwicks/root -i /fix-sys/??.deb it failed because it couldn't write on the mounted "B" root partition/drive.

I didn't know that "shutting the system down and mounting the disk
on another system" was implied in the recommendation to use "dpkg
--root". That will mean that I will have no means of communication
with the outside world until I get it fixed!

And that was also implied by using a chroot.

I'll have to think about that for awhile! I don't think I have the
room to mount another hard drive in my operational system.

I often have the case off and disks just hanging off the side while
doing these types of repairs.  It doesn't have to fit in the case.  It
just has to be able to connected.  After repairing then return to

Yes, that is my problem. No more places to plug in drives. I can handle the power with a "Y" cable, but I don't think they make "Y" cables for IDE cables. Darn! ;-)

I'll probably wind up having to use a live CD of some flavor. Any

I think the Debian CD#1 is a good disk to use.  It has a recovery
option to give you a working system with your root directory mounted.
But a live-cd disk is also very helpful.



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