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Re: Getting sound working

Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:

> "System Tray" - to the left of "Notification", which is left of the clock.
> Check System Tray Settings (right-click in the System Tray)
> In the left-hand pane select "Auto-hide", in the right-hand pane select
> Kmix and set it to "Always Visible".

There must be something missing here.  I see nothing like that on
right click anywhere along the entire bottom panel.

I'm getting pretty confused... you describe things that I just do not
see here.

Right clicking the system tray I get nothing resembling panes.  I get
a 3 item menu that says:

  Task manager settings
  Panel options
  Remove this task manager

Clicking on `Task Manager settings' item  produces the only thing even
remotely like a left and right pane.  And does not appear to be about
what you are talking about in any way.

The left pane says:

  Keyboard shortcuts

The right pane contains details related to those.

Clicking on `Panel Options' item (on that right click menu) produces a
5 part list that says:

  Add widgets
  Add panel
  Lock Widgets
  Panel settings
  Remove this panel

Clicking on `Panel settings' item, produces a huge full length and
about 2 inches high mess that has across the top:

  Screen edge    height     add widgets    add spacer  More settings

Clicking on More settings produces a 12 part list:

  Panel alignment

    Always visible
    Auto hide

    Windows can cover
    Windows go below
    Maximize panel
    lock widgets
    remove this panel 

With the exceptions of `Auto hide' and `Always Visible' None of this
looks anything like what you mention.  Further, kmix appears no where
in all that baloney.

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