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Re: Getting sound working

Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:


> If you still have KDE installed...
> use the Kmixer - it should be under the Multimedia section of Klauncher
> (your menu) - or you can start it using:-
> $ kmix
> It'll appear in the systray - right-click on it, Show Mixer Window =>
> Mixer => Settings => Configure Kmix - tick Dock in SystemTray (to make
> show in systemtray the default setting).

None of that happens here.. Apparently, as seems sort of usual for
this install, there is some problem.

`kmix' from the command line appears to do nothing whatever.  Nothing
appears in system area on bottom right of bottom panel.

>>From Menu => Settings => SystemSettings => Multimedia
> you can set up your default profiles for different sound usage.

Thanks, on mouse hover it says
Multimedia contains 3 items:
 Audio CDs
 CDDB Retrieval

When opened and pressing phonon I see many settings for the sound
Thanks for that.

> Hint: Menu => Help is a good place to start.
All the nifty stuff shown there does not happen for me.

aptitude shows it installed but broken.

  iB  kmix                     - volume control and mixer

Using the menus like: click the big K, then slide right one item in
the bottom horizontal list of main headings to
`applications'/then up to `Multimedia'/ scroll down to `soundmixer' (kmix)

Pressing that gives me a tiny bouncing happy face (or maybe it is
supposed to be a speaker) with sound waves emanating from it.  It
bounces for something like 20/30 seconds, then disappears. Again,
nothing appears in system area, including in the `hidden icon'

However, I am able to make all the adjustments with alsamixer,
including adjusting right/lift volume, once someone posted the key
combos. (That I should have found myself)

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