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Re: Getting sound working

On 31/10/11 03:40, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:
>> If:-
>> $ apt-get -s install kmix | grep kmix
>> gives you:-
>> gives you:-
>> kmix is already the newest version.
>> kmix set to manually installed.
>  sudo apt-get -s install kmix |grep kmix
> kmix is already the newest version.
>> Then try:-
>> (and look for error message, and appearance of icon)
>> $ kmix --keepvisibility
> Still nothing on running that command.  Where would error messages
> appear?

In the console.

$ kmix (no output - kmix started, icon appears in systray)
$ kmix --keepvisibility (output because it's already running)
Connecting to deprecated signal


If kmix *wasn't* installed you'd get a command not found error.

What do you get from?:-
$ kmix
$ ps -C kmix

If it *wasn't* functioning you "should" have got a system error.

I don't know what theme you have running so I don't know the exact
appearance - the icon should appear as a small speaker:-

It's a small icon and easy to miss...
Hovering over the icon allow master volume control with the scroll
button, right-clicking on the icon allows access to the mixer panels.


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