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Re: ReInstall of System borked Admin Pwd for Apps

On Fri, Sep 09, 2011 at 11:53:14AM -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Stephen Allen wrote:
> > Bob Proulx wrote:
> > > You already have a root user account.  All Unix-like machines will
> > > have a root user superuser account.  That is uid 0 on the machine by
> > > definition.  All you need to know is the password for it.
> > 
> > Hm OK I understand this if one is doing a conventional *ix install,
> > but when installing using only a sudo account there is only one
> > password asked for, that is the user password. So I don't quite
> > understand how there could possibly be 2 passwords??
> But all released versions of Debian always install both a root account
> and a normal user account.

Not if you choose to install sudo at that time.
> Hmm...  You said you installed Wheezy Testing.  How did you do this?
> The normal method of installing Testing/Unstable is to actually
> install Stable and then upgrade.  That is probably what you should do
> in the future.  Testing isn't done yet.  If that is what you did then
> you have probably just tripped over one of the many issues that will
> need to be worked through before Testing can be released.

I do many installs over the course of a year. This was done via the Wheezy
Debian Installer.

> If you jump on the daily builds for the debian-installer and then
> install Testing using the Testing installer then it is actually quite
> likely that you will find bugs in the installer.  Those bits are
> undergoing development and won't be polished up until much later in
> the development cycle.

> Feel free to file bugs against the installer if you are participating
> in its testing.  And if you are using it then you are participating in
> the testing whether you realized it or not.
> I recommend installing using the Stable installer, currently Squeeze,
> and then upgrade if you want to run Testing.  That is a known reliable
> route.
> > > You say you have sudo access.  If you have forgotten the root password
> > > then simply set a new one for it.

When using sudo the root password is the user password.
> > Right but again only one password is asked for when setting up a new install
> > to use SUDOERS.
> If you install Debian Stable Squeeze you will be asked for a root
> account and then a normal user account.  Debian doesn't install sudo
> by default.  But I think it is a good practice to always install sudo
> and configure it and so I always do that when setting up a system and
> encourage it for others too.  But if you are just using Synaptic from
> the GUI menu then you don't need sudo.  It is still a good idea
> though.
> > I'm beginning to be more assured that this is a bug when doing an
> > install with an existing home partition.
> I don't see how that is related.  Doesn't mean that it isn't.  I just
> don't see how it could be related.

If one installs the sudo feature on a virgin install isn't the gksu
information stored in the users directory? Not sure myself.


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