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Re: ReInstall of System borked Admin Pwd for Apps

Stephen Allen wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > I installed a scratch system just now and tested running Synaptic from
> > the default GNOME installation.  It definitely wants root's password
> > and not a sudo password.
> Right that has got to be the difference. Appreciate the fact that you did
> an install to test this!

I have been preparing a PXE network boot installation for a big
deployment that I need to be doing soon.  So I actually have been
doing repeated installations all day today. :-)

> So I guess perhaps the way forward is to add a root user, install su
> and remove sudoers?

You already have a root user account.  All Unix-like machines will
have a root user superuser account.  That is uid 0 on the machine by
definition.  All you need to know is the password for it.

You say you have sudo access.  If you have forgotten the root password
then simply set a new one for it.

  $ sudo passwd root

Once you set the new password, so that you know it, then you will be
able to enter it when gksu asks it for Synaptic.  That should get you

This is perhaps an opportune time for me to gently nudge that the
command line really isn't that scary.  Try it and you might like it.
You can do anything you think you ned Synaptic for but probably faster
and easier using APT commands directly from the command line.

  $ apt-cache search whatever

  $ sudo apt-get install whatever

Tastes great and is less filling!  Works even when your X window
environment isn't available.  But I know that other people haven't
been able to convert me to preferring to use a mouse and GUI after all
of these years and so I won't try to convince anyone else of the
reverse either.  Beyond mentioning it here and now. (^_^)


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