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Re: ReInstall of System borked Admin Pwd for Apps

Stephen Allen wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Are you running Synaptic through sudo?  Or is it asking you for the
> > password itself?  I never run Synaptic.  But I use sudo a lot.
> It works fine using sudo from CLI that's no problem. The only issue
> is when run from the menu; the password prompt is from gksu? That's
> where the issue arises, not just with synaptic but with any app that
> requires admin privs. Synaptic was just an example.

Sorry.  I was focusing on the sudo side of things since I was just
working in that area and saw the sudo part of the thread.

The gksu is an su utility and needs the root password.  For sudo you
would need to use gksudo instead.  I don't use either of those and so
know little about them.  But running Synaptic from the GNOME menu
calls gksu and therefore needs root's password.

> Since you came into the thread midstream I'll reiterate that this
> was all working before I re-installed Debian.
> My hardrive has 2 partitions; root and home.  So the re-install was
> on root only leaving home untouched. Then this problem arose. When I
> re-installed I used the same username and installed sudo rather than
> a separate root account.

I don't think the "re" part matters.  At this point it is simply an
install.  And the discussion of sudo was just a red herring
distracting from the real problem.  I think the real problem is that
if you are running Synaptic from a GUI menu pick (from GNOME by
default, but I don't see where you said) then it is running gksu and
gksu requires the root password.

I installed a scratch system just now and tested running Synaptic from
the default GNOME installation.  It definitely wants root's password
and not a sudo password.


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