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Install Debian 6 with only cell phone mobile modem Huawei E1752

Good day,

Due to telephone cable theft I am without landline and my dsl internet connection.
When repairs will done unknown.
So I have got a Huawei E1752 mobile modem and sim.
Now I have a debian 6 cd. That is installed on a 5400 revs sata internal laptop drive while dsl still working. Mobile works fine on existing os.

Have ordered debian 6 on 8 dvd's. Done a test install while waiting with only mobile modem. Now install unable to install the internet service due not able to configure DHCP.
This installation will now be on a 7400 rev internal laptop drive.

Now after install and reboot no networking.

Did some google but not correct answers for maybe not correct questions.

Kindly please how to install networking from cd or eventually from said dvd's.

Maybe stiil not the correct questions?

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