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Re: ReInstall of System borked Admin Pwd for Apps

2011/9/3 Stephen Allen <marathon.durandal@gmail.com>:
> On Fri, Sep 02, 2011 at 05:32:03AM +0000, darkestkhan wrote:
>> 2011/9/1 Stephen Allen <marathon.durandal@gmail.com>:
>> > Hello.
>> > What do I have to do to fix this?
>> check out /etc/sudoers if it contains all fields
> ---end quoted text---
> It contains just 2 fields;
>        # User privilege specification
>        root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
>        # Allow members of group sudo to execute any command
>        %sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
> It is sudoers that controls GUI access to applications requiring root access? Thought the keyring
> +had something to do with that?

/etc/sudoers contains informations about who has rights to access root
level privileges (though I know it can do much more, like giving only
limited privileges)

at the bottom of /etc/sudoers you should have this line:
username ALL=(ALL) ALL

where username is the name of user that will have root level
privileges, so in my case it is like this:
darkestkhan ALL=(ALL) ALL

You will probably have to run in maintenance (or rescue, forgot how it
was called) mode, after that (or reboot) everything should work

Feel free to CC me.
jid: darkestkhan@gmail.com
May The Source be with You.

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