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Re: Fwd: Billion 7800N

On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 09:54:48 +1000, Heddle Weaver wrote:

> On 22 August 2011 22:02, Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> wrote:

>> > I need pppd of course, but not ppp.
>> Can you explain why you need pppd? :-?
> Well, I was under the impression that with ppp over ethernet, the daemon
> would be required.
> I'm probably wrong.
> That's alright.
> It makes other people feel good.


With an ethernet router you normally don't need to manually establish a 
pppd connection, this facility is embedded within the router itself and 
your ISP is in charge of setting this so the user has to do nothing. At 
least this is the common setup in Spain and guess that also is in Europe.

>> >> Can you point me to somewhere on the Internet where I can see what
>> >> are your ISP connection settings?
>> >>
>> >>
>> > I'll bring them into town and post them on the next trip, probably
>> > tomorrow.
>> This is getting very interesting, like a mystery novel :-)
> I've got severe health problems, so I have access to the computers of a
> specialist Disabled Job Network organisation. 

Ooops, sorry to hear that ;-(

> They somewhat draw the line before downloading an iso and burning it to
> disc, though.
> This is also why I haven't got back to the list over the last couple of
> days.
> Stretched out on a bed with a definition of headaches that engenders a
> death-wish, which I would indulge in if I could move. Luckily the
> situation takes over completely and I'm incapable of moving.

Don't worry, take the time you need and recover soon so you can return to 
the battle!

>> Yes, having DHCP on is the most common nowadays. Anyway, having a
>> static IP would have required to manually set the gateway.
> Well, there could be something in that. As I recall, this ISP relegates
> static and not dynamic addresses.

Hum... remmeber that there are two differenet set of IPs: local (LAN) and 
remote (WAN). Usually, ISPs give the users dynamic IP addressing for WAN 
and also enable the DHCP server of the router for the LAN so computer 
clients can easily reach the LAN part.

Our interest here are the setting options for the LAN part.

>> > Well, I'm actually getting an IP address on the Linux laptop, so DHCP
>> > must be active.
>> If your ethernet device has an IP assigned that means the router is
>> able to communicate with your laptop and so you should also be able to
>> access to the router or at least get a response from wget different
>> than a "timeout" :-?
> I believe the contact between the laptop and modem is inconsistent and
> think this is the source of the majority of disconnections. I think
> there is more than one aspect to this problem.

Testing with an additional ethernet card (USB to RJ-45) would be the best 
thing to discard something wrong with your current adapter. Is not very 
usual to have ethernet hardware issues but who knows... weird things can 

>> > I'll post that when I get back in also, although I'm sure I've done
>> > it already somewhere.
>> > I recall my IP, the peer's IP, DNS primary and secondary, amongst
>> > other things, but I'll get proof positive.
>> > Regards and thanks,
>> Waiting anxiously for the feedback :-)
> O.K., here it is, but it might be a bit of an over-dose:
> dhcp last modified May 23rd, and dhcp3, last modified April 29th,
>  both installed and appear active
>  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Primary server:
> Secondary server:
> These are both present and correct in 'resolve.conf'
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> This is interesting because it states 'existing default route through
> ppp3':


> Where would I go to delete those?

Okay, start by disabling pppd service at all, you don't need it unless 
your ISP has told you otherwise. Stop the service and try again.


> That's about it, unless there's anything else you need. I'm afraid I
> don't have anything solid to contribute at this stage, but would be
> grateful for a translation.

I can't traslate unless pppd is completely "off" because I dunno why is 
running afterall :-)

> It looks like I can get a reconditioned Dell PC for $250.00 this Monday,
> which should leave me free to play with the laptop a little more. 


> So, if you don't want to become any more involved with this situation,
> I can understand.

Nope, I like this game :-)



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