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Billion 7800N

Hello everyone,

I've run into a few hiccups with a new modem, as specified in the subject line.
I simply can't access the modem interface with a browser, in order to
configure it and yes, I've tried four different browsers.
At this rate SID is going to be frozen before I get back online.

I thought it must be a firmware problem, but a swap model from the
supplier didn't produce anything new.
Hooking it up to a windows comp., detection is no problem, so
something else would appear to be remiss.
As no DSL facility wasn't available at the time, I couldn't configure
the modem with M$ and then bring it back home, as the config asks for
a username, then goes hunting for a DSL line, before asking for a
password to allow access.

I've contacted Billion, but so far they haven't provided anything productive.
As I can't even access it, a firmware upgrade flash and reset is a
little difficult.

I understand it's a good modem, so I'd rather overcome the situation
than try another modem option and as the budget is restrictive at the
moment, I can't afford that anyway.
Appreciate any ideas.
Thanks for any time and trouble.


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