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Re: GPU hang "EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop"

On 23/07/11 20:49, lee wrote:
Well, you could check the sources of the driver to see if you can find
out what's going on or try to run the X server in the debugger to get
more information.  Or you wait until the bug is fixed or someone who
knows more has an idea --- or you can use the NVIDIA card instead of the
intel one or you don't do anything that triggers the freeze.

Well, the bug is not that important for me, as it only occurred a couple of times unexpectedly, but I guess it is important for the community as it can lead to a lot of lost work if you are not saving it frequently. For me, I can always resort to openoffice under wine to edit that spreadsheet and avoid the bug, as per your advice.

But I think I have in my hands a precious tool to help debugging this, meaning, a consistent method of replicating this bug, and that's why I'm keep pursuing this. You seem much more expert than me on these matters so, if you think my contribution is not relevant, I beg you to say so because a have a lot more things that need my time.

Given that, I did Ctl+Alt+F1, logged in as user, sudo service gdm stop to stop xserver. Then sudo gdb startx but the system says it's not an executable. How do I run xserver in the debugger?


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