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Re: GPU hang "EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop"

José Silva <jsantossilva@hotmail.com> writes:

> On 21/07/11 18:52, lee wrote:
>> You could send it about the xserver-xorg-video-intel package.  Perhaps
>> you can put additional information into the bug report when you
>> reproduce the problem with xserver-xorg-video-intel-dbg package
>> installed.
> Thank you for your help.
> Installed xserver-xorg-video-intel-dbg package and intel-gpu-tools as
> dependency with synaptics package manager. Followed instructions from
> here: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/intel-gpu-dump.html but couldn't
> mount debugfs because system says either it's already mounted or
> busy. I can't see it mounted with

Perhaps CONFIG_DEBUG_FS is not set for the kernel you are using?  I can
mount and unmount it just fine, and it shows up in the output of

Does it show up when trying to mount it gives you the error message that
it's already mounted?  If it does, I'd wonder why it's already mounted.

> Anyway, triggered the hang-up, which is pretty repeatable, accessed
> the laptop with ssh and tried
> # intel_gpu_dump > intel_gpu_dump.txt
> Couldn't map MMIO region: No such file or directory

Did you install intel_gpu_dump by downloading it or by installing the
package intel-gpu-tools?  Did it write something to intel_gpu_dump.txt?

> Can you please tell me what's happening?

Unfortunately not :( And I don't have an Intel graphics card, so I can't
try it out.

Isn't it possible to run the X server in the debugger?  That's what the
debugging package should be good for.


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