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Re: How to get Bell Canada 3G USB network up?

On 14/06/11 02:00, Brian wrote:
> On Mon 13 Jun 2011 at 22:02:17 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 13/06/11 20:37, Brian wrote:
>>> On Mon 13 Jun 2011 at 17:49:23 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>>> Note: shouldn't need to supply your ISPs APN - the modem should have,
>>>> and supply that when it connects.
>>> Are you sure? I thought the APN determined the type of service requested
>>> or obtained.
>> It does (another poster has answered this question for you).
> I can see how authentication is via the SIM (rather than a username and
> password in the chatscript), but where does the APN fit in? It appears
> to me it is needed for the very first connection. 

That is my understanding also. Bear in mind that often, when you buy the
modem it is already configured. The actual dialer software is often
clunky, badly coded, and incorrectly configured.
Try this with Windows:-
Insert modem.
Install dialler software and modem driver.
Modify Windows dialup connection that is created at the same time.
Remove the modem suppled connection software.
Use the Windows dialup connection.
You'll save a lot of RAM, take load off the CPU - and - the dialup
profile doesn't send the APN. Of course you won't get signal strength
info or any of the other dancing bears - but it a quick connection and
usually more stable.

> After that (in the
> case of my ISP) it seems it can be omitted, presumably because the SIM
> is matched with the right type of account.

Or, it's already supplying the correct information... which you'll find
is not the case when you buy the SIM separate from a modem.

> It gets interesting if the APN is changed to an invalid one. No further
> connections are possible until the correct one is entered. After that it
> can be ommited. 

Think of it as being somewhat similar to your BIOS or your bootloader -
in that settings are reused and can be modified.
With ISDN modems it becomes even simpler - no user intervention required
- just write the word "lightning" on a piece of paper and place it near
an NT1 to reset. ;-p

> Is this behaviour general with mobile broadband?

There's too many devices and protocols out there for me to generalise.


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