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Re: Using Files Without Mounting A Share From Another System

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011 18:08:47 +0000, Liam O'Toole wrote:

> On 2011-04-24, Camaleón wrote:
>>> Java technology offers a standard way of doing that: Java Web Start.
>>> It is possible to deploy a third-party application using a JNLP
>>> file[1].
>> Yes but no, that's a completely different approach (AFAIK, the
>> application has to be prepared/packaged to use it and most of the java
>> apps out there are not intended for that purpose, meaning they are not
>> going to be launched/run "online").
> It is simply a means of lauching an application over the network.

Most specifically over http protocol, I'd say.

> Whether the application was intended to be launched in that way is
> irrelevant. 

Nope, it isn't :-)

You need some sort of xml file defining the app to launch and while java  
does not (want to) understand the smb:// protocol we are stuck.

I can indeed play JNLP based java applications that are hosted online but 
I cannot run the java application I want to run while is on samba share. 
At least not directly ;-(

> Once the user "trusts" the application, the local JVM will
> load and run the JAR file exactly as if it had originally resided on the
> local hard drive.

Yes, but not all java applications are ready to be used with that method. 
If you can tell me a sample case, I will test :-)

>>> (I have come very late to this thread, so forgive me if the above has
>>> already been mentioned.)
>> I already knew that tool but I'm afraid it does not work the way I want
>> (or the way Windows clients do) ;-(
> The application launch should have the same behaviour on all supported
> platforms. In what way is it unsatisfactory?

JNLP based java apps yes, but again, at least that does not fit with my 
app :-(



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