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Using Files Without Mounting A Share From Another System

I now know I can use smbclient to read files on an SMB share without having to mount it, but I need to do more than that.

I want to be able to access either Java classes or an executable on a shared volume on a server without having to mount the volume on the local system. (There are a couple reasons for not wanting to mount.)  I know on Windows I can list the files on an SMB share on another system and access them using SMB/CIFS by just specifying the volume properly on the command line.  I want to do something like that on Linux, but do more than just listing the files or copying them to the local computer.

I need a way, on Linux, to access files on a network share, which could be SMB or NFS (or something else) without mounting the volume.  For example, if I'm on System A and I have an executable on System B, and it's on a network share on System B, is there any way to run that executable without mounting that share as a volume on System A?


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