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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?


Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Geronimo:
> > Jochen Schulz wrote:
> >> AFAICS, we can rule out the kernel as the cuplrit completely, as grub
> >> doesn't even get that far.

Today appointments have been cancelled, so I can dedicate myself to grub 

The fact, that the output of grub changes by removing the external controller 
causes me some headache ...

Does this habbit imply, that BIOS activates the wrong drive?
... but if so, how can grub from ubuntu boot successfully

Or does the different output means, that grub jumps from one mbr to the mbr of 
another drive?

From a closer look to dpkg.log - there has been updates of python and grub 
uses python. Could this lead the different behaviour?

I skimmed the sources of grub and from what I saw, grub does not use libraries 
or kernel stuff, but has reinvented every wheel.
I don't know enuf of assembler to get rid of what's really going on ...

So I have some more questions:
1.) Is there any tool to verify the generated boot.img or tell, what that 
boot.img tries to do?

2.) would it be possible to create several mbr-images that behave different, 
like beep at different frequency or write a little message to screen, ...
... just to verify, which mbr is activated from BIOS

3.) If the pictures from my other post lead to the fact, that BIOS activated 
the right grub image, but that crashed, is there a way to get rid of what grub 
is doing/trying - means, is there a verbose switch or some kind of logging to 

kind regards


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