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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> - Which disks are connected to which controller?
> As told above, the "system disks" are attached to the main board. The system 
> disks are the three SSDs and a WD VelociRaptor (sdb) 

Ok, so to sum up: You have trouble booting from disks connected to your
internal SATA controller, but only when another controller (presumably
with disks attached to it) is in the system. AFAICS, we can rule out the
kernel as the cuplrit completely, as grub doesn't even get that far.

I'd say Grub2 and/or your mainboard (unlikely) has a problem that is in
no way related to your upgrade to 6.0.1 (but to stable in general). If I
were you, I would try to get support from the grub people directly.

>> - Have you tried shuffling your disks around? Does the system respond
>>   differently depending on the controller for / or /boot?
> The system shuffles the disks around when I switch a disk from backplane on/off 
> or enter a USB-stick, so yes - I'm very used to reorder disks at BIOS.

What I meant was to physically attach disks to different ports.

> When the wrong disk is first, system start is not possible.

Meaning "the BIOS doesn't find a boot loader"?

>> Well, I am not too proficient in these things either. I throw my
>> problems at Google like everyone else. :) But installing a new system on
>> top of an old one wasn't a good idea when I still used Windows 95 (good
>> riddance) and it still isn't a good idea today. /usr may contain
>> binaries which the system doesn't know about and thus don't receive
>> security updates. And /var contains system-specific data like dpkg's
>> database that you don't want to re-use on a new installation.
> So how can I recover a broken system?

I wouldn't call a new installation a "recovery". For a new installation,
you backup your data, install to new filesystems and restore your
backup.  Recovery procedures obviously vary with the actual problem you
need to solve.

>> But anyway: if you have a reliable way of crashing the installer, use
>> reportbug (pseudo-package: debian-installer) to make the d-i team aware
>> of the problem. 
> Thanks for that hint.
> I'll try to remember, when I have my next sparetime.

Sorry for stressing that again, but "reporting" problems here will not
get the bug fixed. Ever.

I am sorry that I only ask question that apparently lead you nowhere. I
am just stabbing in the dark and I am afraid we will never get to the
source of the problem unless you start from scratch and document every
step you do in detail.

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