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On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:47:06 -0500, Arthur Machlas wrote:

>>> Lots of useful info in there Javier. Also worth mentioning, though it
>>> doesn't seem you use it, is laptop-mode-tools.
>> . . . 
> The last time I setup laptopmode-tools under squeeze it is disabled by
> default and does nothing. You need to edit its conf file in
> /etc/deault/laptoop mode and set it to be enabled at boot. And then yes,
> there are a great many things to play with, however I've mainly just
> used it for spindowns of hd's.

Talking about laptop-mode-tools, I haven't got around to do a bug report 
against it yet, because Ubuntu has made a lightweight package replacing 

Ubuntu's pm-utils-powersave-policy replaces laptop-mode-tools: very 
lightweight with only a few scripts which work on any system without 
further need for configuration.

Hope that someday we can have that in Debian as well.

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