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Re: [Fwd: Re: Getting connected to Verizon 3G network -UPDATE] {SOLVED}

Stan Hoeppner wrote:
Wayne <linuxtwo@gmail.com> put forth on 1/2/2010 6:28 PM:

Yes and I can connect to the internet with and without the firewall up.
 I have more to do on the firewall though.  I can't connect to the MiFi
admin page at with the firewall on.  So, you are right on
all points.  Get the firewall working and 'then' fix everything else.

No, that's backwards.  You must have misspoken.  You must have the basic network
stack functioning before you can troubleshoot packet filter problems.  This is
exactly what you've just gone through.  You didn't know your basic stack was
working _until_ you disabled the f/w.  That unmasked the minor problems you
still had with your basic network stack and informed you there was a f/w problem
as well.

Stan, thanks to you for hanging on and getting me to check everything
you could think of.  If it had not been for you, I would have been f o r
e v e r wondering what was up.

You're welcome.  If I'd have been paying closer attention in the beginning, I'd
have caught that log error about permissions.  Sorry I didn't catch that sooner.

You underestimate yourself. I had been fighting 4-5 different things for over a week. When you answered my plea for help I was so far into the forest I was lost. You got me to back off and troubleshoot the way I was taught in the AF back in 1956, divide and conqueror, go back till the symptom goes away then work back towards the problem. After 12-14 hours a day for 8 days I was really lost and forgot all about that until YOu helped me to got back on the right track.

If you do not have a HAPPY and Prosperous New Year it sure will not be
because you didn't stick to it.

Heheh.  Your gratitude has given my new year a good start. :)  I didn't really
do all that much, but I'm glad it helped a little.

My heart felt thanks for you for all of your help.

My BEST Regards to you and yours for the best year ever.

Ditto.  Enjoy that fresh air up there whilst you're surfing reliably with a
little bit better speed.  I bet the Verizon service sure beats the latency of
satellite don't it? ;)

I wouldn't know about satellite, I was using an AT&T 3G/GSM modem on a Cell tower about 3 miles away. As At&t as so little 3G coverage here we had only GSM coverage at ~12 Kbs average. The phone lines here are >25 years old and dialup was ~2.8Kbs avg. I did a big download last night, 688MB, on Verzion 3G, to the same Cell tower an it took less then 1 hour. I am Now IN HEAVEN!! Thanks to your help.

BTW The cost of both AT&T & Verizon is $60/month with a 5.190 Gig of downloads a month. I wanted a faster connection before I die. :-)
Again, thank you my friend.

Wayne in the Cold, Snowy Catskill Mountains of Northern New York.

Happy New Year to all!

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