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Re: [Fwd: Re: Getting connected to Verizon 3G network -UPDATE]

Wayne <linuxtwo@gmail.com> put forth on 1/1/2010 5:31 PM:

> Hope this helps!!

Best I can tell all the subnet masks are correct.

I was just thinking... (smoke rises).  dmesg shows a small amount of packet
traffic to/from the MiFi WLAN interface, basically the DHCP setup handshake
packets, and nothing more.  Yet, you are unable to ping or telnet or www to that
interface on the MiFi, but you can ping your local WiFi interface.

What I'm thinking here is that your network stack is active, but something is
preventing your user space applications from accessing the network stack.  If
you have SELinux enabled, disable it.  Check to make sure you have no iptables
rules in place that might be causing problems.  If you don't know what iptables
is, disable or clear out any "firewall" software front end you have installed,
such as those listed here:


To do it manually, first, from a bash shell, do an "iptables -S" and reply here
with the output (this is merely informational for those following this thread).
 Immediately afterward, without waiting for my response, execute "iptables -F"
to flush the current rules.  You should now be working.

I should have thought of this earlier, because of this:

ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted

I've never seen that error before.  "Operation not permitted" is obviously a
policy error, not a network error.

Read this thread for more background.  Same error as you.  Disabling ShoreWall
fixed his problem instantly:


Note the networking guru helping the guy took him through almost identical steps
I've taken you through?  lol.  I should have been up on Google this whole time,
as well you should have Wayne. :)  The answers are almost always indexed in
Google et al, if you know what to search for.  Hope this solves it, finally.


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