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Re: oss and alsa and audio devices


On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 10:39:15AM -0500, H.S. wrote:
> Kelly Clowers wrote:
> >> And in KDE's sound configuration gui, one of the
> >> systems to choose from is OSS.
> > 
> > Probably hardwired, and would show up in any case. 
this does make sense. However, if I select OSS from KDE's sound
> settings dialog box, I still get audio though it appears it is not using
> Alsa anymore (my alsa specific options are ignored). Perhaps the
> emulation is working here?

Do you have linux-sound-base_noOSS in /etc/modprobe.d

 ==> Then you have ALSA.
Do you have oss-compat apckage.

 ==> Then you have OSS compatibility.

Read my other post for more.


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