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Re: [OT] GMail troubles [Was: Re: du-guidelines - point 7]

On 7/16/08, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>> plan (extra pay for more MBs). It's too expensive for me to get a
>> better plan, and plain not worth the money for the limited needs of
>> people here at home.
>   I don't know how expensive is "too expensive", but when I got fed up
> with my ISP's mail server, I started renting a virtual server to handle
> incoming (and now outgoing) email.  It's perhaps not as ideal as having
> my own hardware, but it's a lot cheaper [0].  There's also a fee for the
> domain name, but it's basically negligible. (something like $10/year)
>   [0] I don't drink coffee, but I believe that four or five cups here in
>       Seattle would equal my monthly $20 payment to Slicehost.

$20 per month -> (Indian) Rupees 860 per month, which works out to
about Rs. 29 per day. That's about six-seven cups of tea/coffee (still
a bit above my comfort level), but I get what you mean. I guess it's
worth paying that much for the convenience one gets. :-)


Kumar Appaiah

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