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Re: [OT] GMail troubles [Was: Re: du-guidelines - point 7]

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On 07/16/08 06:07, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> I keep telling people that Gmail is evil, but no one will listen.
> I don't think so. It is as evil as using any proprietary software. I use
> proprietary software all the time. Their TOS is very restrictive (as is the
> case for most proprietary software). So, I just use it not-so-important
> stuff.
>> If you care about your data, and want to get to it at any time, keep
>> your data and your apps on your local machine.
> local vs machine independent set up for email ...
> I prefer machine independent any time. If you set up your email locally on a
> local machine, then what would you do when you go to another place and have
> to check email from another machine? In order to have 24/7 access to your
> email, now you need to set up ssh and make sure that the local machine runs
> 24/7.

No, no.  You enable IMAPS, and then connect using Thunderbird,
Outlook, etc, etc.

Or, install Apache and Squirrelmail.

>       An ordinary user might not have resources to have a machine running
> 24/7.

Why not?

>        In such a case, I definitely recommend using a third party email
> service (like gmail, yahoo etc.,) which cost $0, and need no maintenance
> from the user.

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