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Re: du-guidelines - point 7

> GMail is known buggy and not suitable for mailing list use, if only for
> it's propensity to send HTML when the user wasn't expecting to, and it's
> brutal lack of Reply to Mailing List and poor threading.

And yet, it's free-as-in-beer, without having to expose your home system
to the vulnerabilities associated with running your own mail server, and its
thread-collapsing system and effective search features make it heaps
easier to store debugging steps and solutions from the ML and even find
them again later.  Granted, you have to be comfortable with your mail
being stored on an untrusted server; and setting up encryption and
signing in Gmail is something I've yet to attempt...  but there
are pros as well as cons.

If anyone is wondering, the "settings" button in the upper right corner
can be used to easily configure a text-based reply mode.  Looks like it
even auto-wraps to a character count (although I haven't been playing with
it in text-mode enough lately to speak).

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