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Replace Ubuntu with Debian

I just purchased a Dell laptop with Ubuntu 7.10 preinstalled. What I
like about this setup is that all sorts of nifty things like the
wireless card and hibernate/suspend features are automatically set up.
However, I prefer the Debian package selection and frequency of
updates (I usually run unstable).

Can I take advantage of both worlds? That is, can I safely sync all my
packages with Debian's unstable repository while retaining all the
existing configurations?

The obvious thing to do is to change the apt sources and run a
dist-upgrade. However, I'm a little paranoid that this is not entirely
safe and that it may leave my system in a broken state. Does anyone
have experience with this course of action or have better suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


P.S.: If it's not too much trouble, please CC me when replying.

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