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Re: most lightweight debian server

Mark Allums wrote:
paragasu wrote:

i will love to find out all the option available. I just one to ask one more thing. i hope it is not too much. Isn't the kernel have modular support. able to load and unload the
needed and unneeded modules on the fly?
How much is the improvement compare to the strip down version of kernel compared to the modular version in term of performance? (i know disk space is out of question,
strip down produce small kernel size)

Stripped down will generally be about the same or possibly faster. However, using alternative options, like the I/O scheduler example, will affect your performance, mostly negatively. The kernel has been optimized for performance already; making drastic changes may result in a slower kernel.

You can also configure the kernel for the architecture, e.g. generic i686 vs. Athlon 64 vs. Core 2. A kernel compiled for Athlon 64 will run faster on an Athlon 64 than it will on a Core 2. A kernel compiled for the Core 2 will run faster on a Core 2 than a kernel compiled for generic i686 will run on the same Core 2.

Just more examples.

Memory vs. speed is often a tradeoff.  Faster = more memory, usually.

Mark Allums

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