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Re: most lightweight debian server

paragasu wrote:

    BSD 7.0 is alleged to be better than Linux 2.6.xx, but that is disputed.
     You might want to use a different scheduler and I/O scheduler than the
    default if you use a 2.6.24 kernel.  As the man said, compile your own.

well, add RAM is out of question, because it is a limited to 64MB RAM resource with no intention to run GUI. no need for for DNS server. it only rum mysql5 and apache2.
and might be posfix server.

Postfix may not be as lightweight as others. This needs looking into. I don't have much experience in that area.

but mysql5 and apach2 alone already consume 170MB of memory. more than twice
the memory allocated for my use.

Would SQLite do the job?  I think it is smaller than MySQL.

can you point me to a documentation about default I/O scheduler alternative to
2.6.24 kernel. i  love to see any option available. thank you

There are three I/O schedulers in the 2.6.24 distribution. The deadline, anticipatory, and completely fair. You will see these as options when you run make gconfig (or whichever config you run). Completely Fair (CFQ) is now the default. This was mildly controversial when they made the switch. It is a bit complex. The deadline scheduler is simple and compact, and is alleged to be good for heavy database workloads.

This may be a bit like making a mountain out of a molehill. I just mentioned this because while you are configuring you custom kernel, you will want to give a little thought to such matters.

see /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ to start with.

Mark Allums

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