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most lightweight debian server

i have a small vps with only 64MB memory. i am trying to run a costume made PHP
scripts in there but i have trouble. when i install mysql server 5.0 and apache2 server.
it is so slow. in fact too slow. thus two server already use about 170MB of the server ram.
more than twice the RAM allocated for me.

so, i want to know, any combination that use the most efficient server resource. currently,
i am thinking of using lighttpd server + php5 + sqlite3 ..
but, my application currently use mysql5+apache2+php5. it will be a lot of work to do
before i can get it online. in fact i use about 6 month to code it.

well, assume i don't have enough money to buy a better server. it is possible to make a
very fast server with compiling the source code etc..

thank you

i use debian etch.

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