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Re: most lightweight debian server

There are three I/O schedulers in the 2.6.24 distribution.  The
deadline, anticipatory, and completely fair.  You will see these as
options when you run make gconfig (or whichever config you run).
Completely Fair (CFQ) is now the default.  This was mildly controversial
when they made the switch.  It is a bit complex.  The deadline scheduler
is simple and compact, and is alleged to be good for heavy database

This may be a bit like making a mountain out of a molehill.  I just
mentioned this because while you are configuring you custom kernel, you
will want to give a little thought to such matters.

see /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ to start with.

Mark Allums

thanks Mark Allums,
Honestly, i spent less time looking on the kernel side. i will look at the documentation
for the I/O scheduler options. great information you have ;)

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