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Re: most lightweight debian server

On 03/30/08 19:54, paragasu wrote:
I find on my boxes with 64 MB ram or less, that I hit swap often. Etch
    is like that.  So for old boxes, I run OpenBSD.  No re-compiling


are u suggesting that OpenBSD use better resource than debian etch?

"Better"?  Not if you've got a heavily-burdened multi-CPU system.

But better if you want to run a desktop or heavy server apps in a
seriously RAM-limited system.

BSD 7.0 is alleged to be better than Linux 2.6.xx, but that is disputed.
 You might want to use a different scheduler and I/O scheduler than the
default if you use a 2.6.24 kernel.  As the man said, compile your own.

I can't answer as well about the userlands.  That depends on what
environment you are running in.  You probably need a GUI in order to run
a web browser, but you might want to shy away from Gnome or KDE, they
are neither very lightweight.  Pick and choose your demons and servers
carefully, e.g. do you need DNS?  If not, don't install it.  Someone
mentioned Apache, set up a minimal Apache, jettison unneeded modules,
(make sure everything is configured properly, so that modules are loaded
only if they are actually being used, etc.)

Add RAM if at all possible.

Mark Allums

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