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Re: amd 690g chipset

* KS <lists04@fastmail.fm> [080313 12:35]:
> There is not need to create a new user just for testing Iceweasel for
> config problems. Start Iceweasel from a terminal with the option
> -ProfileManager. It starts Iceweasel's profile manager where you can
> create/delete profiles. Create a new one and do the tests. When done,
> you can delete the profile with the manager.

To catch up on previous questions: 

The system is Lenny on an i386 with
a 1700 MHz Celeron and 1 Gb RAM, ASUS P4PE motherboard.

The slow performance (nearly full processor utilization) occurs not
only with iceweasel but also with galeon (2.0.4), on a variety of web

I do not recall having installed browser extensions.

I typically have open half a dozen browser windows.  Yesterday I was
running galeon, rather than iceweasel.  While editing a file with
XEmacs, I noticed the cursor moving with jumps, rather than smoothly.
Then I saw that galeon was hogging the processor.  I began closing
browser windows one-by-one, and found one window which was causing the
problem.  But I did not see anything peculiar about the web site (a
news site or blog, I forget which) which was in view.

Should I follow the procedure which generally is recommended for a
Window$ installation which displays the same symptom -- reinstall the
entire system?


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