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Re: amd 690g chipset

* Douglas A. Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> [080312 15:35]:
> If you don't play games or watch videos, then what is slowing down a
> 1700 MHz Celeron (or any other 1700 MHz CPU) so that you want faster?
> The most important thing is to have enough memory.  With that Celeron
> box, doing whatever you do that seems slow, run top and check that you
> still have enough memory.  Perhaps all you need is a memory upgrade.
> I don't play games either.  I can do everything but watch videos on my
> P-II with 64 MB ram, however Iceweasel hits swap.  Heck, Xorg + icewm +
> rxvt hits swap.

Hi, Doug.  

Having discovered the gnome system monitor, I seldom run top anymore.
But I have a gigabyte of RAM, about half of which is "user" and about
half of which is "cache".

Iceweasel pushes processor utilization to 100 percent; I would like to
find a browser which is more economical.

I found a cheap AMD dual-core processor, and memory is cheap.  All I
need to find now is a no-hassle "plain vanilla" AM2 motherboard,
preferably with on-board video.


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