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Re: amd 690g chipset

Russell L. Harris wrote:
> I typically have open half a dozen browser windows.  Yesterday I was
> running galeon, rather than iceweasel.  While editing a file with
> XEmacs, I noticed the cursor moving with jumps, rather than smoothly.
> Then I saw that galeon was hogging the processor.  I began closing
> browser windows one-by-one, and found one window which was causing the
> problem.  But I did not see anything peculiar about the web site (a
> news site or blog, I forget which) which was in view.

I have seen my processor getting busy sometimes 25%-50% on my earlier
machine (had a 2GHz Pentium IV with 768MB RAM). In those instances it
was some graphic or advertisement (flash/animated-gif) which was the
culprit. On the new one, I have had that happen once when the processor
was about 20%-30% busy.

> Should I follow the procedure which generally is recommended for a
> Window$ installation which displays the same symptom -- reinstall the
> entire system?

I haven't found a reason to reinstall. My current one (unstable!) has
been going well even after a hard disk change and full hardware change.


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