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Re: Query about Iceape, Iceweasel

On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 01:19:01PM +0800, Bret Busby wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Oct 2007, Nate Duehr wrote:

[I think I've managed to snip the bile]

> >41 webpages open and you're experiencing problems.  Gee, there's a big 
> >surprise.  You're somewhat pushing the bounds of sanity at that point, for 
> >just about any browser.
> >>In the browser window that I open for this country, I have about ten tab 
> >>bookmarks, and, of those, about 6 web pages automatically refresh. Due to 
> >>the bodgy way that the ABC presents its news web pages, apart from five 
> >>news headline web pages refreshing about every minute, each news story 
> >>web page that is open, also refreshes about every minute.

> And, when web browsers do not release unused memory, instead increasing 
> memory and other resource usage, whenever a web page is opened or 
> reloaded, cumlative problems occur.

> >>At present, I have 22 Iceape browser windows open, with however many tabs 
> >>in total are open, and tsome of those tabs, are subject to automatic 
> >>refreshing.
> >
> So, you are telling us that Mozilla is incapable of producing a web 
> browser that can operate with more than one browser window and more than 
> one tab open, and that Mozilla is inapable of producing web browsers 
> that operate within limits of load defined by the developers, whereby, 
> a limit is reached, and a dialogue box appears, stating "You have 
> already too many browser windows/tabs open. You need to close some 
> browser tabs,windows, before opening any more." ?
> Okay. So you say that Mozilla are incompetent software developers. I am 
> sure they would like for you to tell them that, directly.

I've had lots of problems with mozilla browsers, such that I only use
iceweasel when I can't get a site to use Konquerer, or: when I access
the web browser on my Athlon64 via ssh from my P-II and need lots of
tabs open.  The P-II only has 64 MB of ram and Konquerer puts its
rendering in the xorg server memory on the P-II whereas Iceweasel keeps
its memory footprint on the Athlon64 box.  I may open 20 tabs or so,
comparing the weather across Canada (we do have six time-zones to
contend with), or loading up real-estate pages for my wife to view.  On
dialup, each page may take 5 min to load so I do the hour's work before
I bring her into the picture. 

> >>On occasion, Iceape has taken above 95% of CPU, and that is when (but not 
> >>necessarily the only occasions when) it sometimes crashes of its own 
> >>accord (without me closing "untitled windows").
> >>I have earlier today, with these browser windows and tabs open, 
> >>encountered the problem with the "untitled windows".
> >>
> >>I have also encountered the problem on occasions with 10 browser windows 
> >>open, and with 14 browser windows open, thence with less memory usage, 
> >>both "by programs" and "by cache".
> >

When I'm running on my Athlon64 box, I run Konqueror for all sites on
which it works (all but MLS.ca's usage agreement).  You may want to see
if Konqueror can keep up with your tabs usage.

> >The kernel should handle cleaning up application memory (or "permanently 
> >caching" any memory that wasn't de-allocated at the iceweasel/iceape 
> >crashes. Once cached, if never called for again they'll just sit there 
> >using some swapfile space.  Until that fills, I wouldn't worry about doing 
> >a full reboot.
> >
> Well, it doesn't. That is why I reboot after each mentioned crash. 
> Because, the system monitor can show that up to 50% of the memory is 
> still being used with no tasks visible in the taskbar after such a 
> crash.

Seriously?  You find that after the iceweasel grabs memory and then
crashes that the memory isn't being released?  I guess that Mozilla
really can't write good software.  As to why the kernel can't keep track
of the memory and release it when iceweasel crashes, I haven't tested
that.  I wonder if BSD kernels work better...

> As the computer, having gigabytes of RAM, and, swap space that is seldom 
> used, is not placed under extreme load by the way that I use it, it is 
> not me that is running the system at extremes.
Even when I have Konqueror loaded up with tabs, my CPU usage is mostly
idle, even if I can conspire to use up ram and hit swap.  

Try Konq.


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