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Re: OT: Cycling

> On 16 Jul, Steve Lamb wrote:
>>     Am I the only one who grew up where the law was cyclists were to
>> ride against the flow of traffic?

   Almost certainly.  In the U.S., every state has adopted some form of
the Uniform Traffic Code, one of whose clauses is equivalent to

	The rider of a bicycle shall have all the rights
	and responsibilities of a driver of a vehicle.

   Here in Connecticut, it's Sec. 14-286a:


	Every person riding a bicycle [...] shall be granted
	all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the
	duties applicable to the driver of any vehicle[.]

   Riding on the right side of the road is a duty, and as such, is

   Wrong-way riding is one of the two top causes of bicycle fatalities.
 (The other is riding at night without lights.)

   For a good run-down, see


If you want the whole megilla, buy _Effective Cycling_, by John Forester:

He puts it succinctly:  ``Cyclists fare best when they act, and are
treated, as drivers of vehicles.''

   Want more?  Ask me off-list.

	    Best wishes,

	    	 Max Hyre

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