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Re: [OT] A significant negative impact on Linux's popularity?

On Jul 16, 2007, at 5:21 AM, William Pursell wrote:

David Brodbeck wrote:
On Jul 14, 2007, at 7:43 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
I've yet to collide with another cyclist who was following the rules.
I have to say that, as a driver, it's the unpredictability of cyclists I find distressing. 

As a cyclist, I find the unpredictability of drivers distressing.
Cyclists who ignore traffic rules are idiots who give responsible
cyclists a bad image.  Drivers who ignore the rules of the
road are homicidal idiots who kill people.  I dislike
irresponsible cyclists, but irresponsible drivers
are far worse.

I agree, but as a responsible driver it bothers me that I would almost certainly get blamed if I accidentally hit a cyclist who was doing something irresponsible and dangerous -- because in the view of cyclists, the evil polluting motorist is always in the wrong; and in the view of the police, cyclists seem to be outside the law.  (When have you ever heard of one being ticketed for a traffic violation?)

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