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Re: [OT] A significant negative impact on Linux's popularity?

Andrew Sackville-West wrote in Article
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> On Wed, Jul 11, 2007 at 08:09:23AM -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> I disagree:  There's some people that really ought not be trusted with
>> bicycles to begin with, like those morons that drive their bicycle
>> against traffic or on the sidewalk...
> I disagree: riding against the flow or on the sidewalk can be
> perfectly safe, provided you're experienced and skilled. But that sort
> of defeats the whole purpose of this thread.

Never mind it's illegal in most jurisdictions for good reason:  Nobody
expects someone driving the wrong way or on a sidewalk.

> I spent several years as a bicycle messenger in Wash DC and can tell
> you first hand that the best/safest riders were the aggressive riders
> who were willing to ride against the flow, on the yellow line, on the
> sidewalk, or through the parking garage tunnel. Many fewer accidents
> with those guys than with the calm, almost meek, with the flow
> riders. Of course, when the bad boys did wreck, it was pretty
> spectacular... ;)

I've yet to collide with another cyclist who was following the rules.

Paul Johnson
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