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Re: Best File System for partitions over 600GB

> > WTF, I see Windows mentality has become the norm.
> > 
> > and RIP TelnetD (IOW the telnet Daemon) right out of the machine.
> > OpenSSH (as done by OpenBSD devs) is what should be defacto standard.
> > 
> I wish it could really be that way everywhere.  I have been places where
> they run telnetd on all the Solaris and Linux servers because (get this)
> windows only comes with a telnet client and not an ssh client.
> Absolutely. Exasperating.

The place I talk about has legacy stuff (long forgotten cron jobs on
random servers) that used to telnet and FTP stuff around)

I was trying to tell the admins to switch and they said that they were
told not to, because the legacy stuff shouldn't be "disturbed"
That's the price of high turnover over 10+ years

The other reason is that their VB programmers don't know how to SCP.


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