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Re: REALLY OT: News Flash

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Which is precisely why God wrote the Bible and not us.  If we did, the
> important parts would be left out.

    Really?  Then you know what question you should be asking?  Where are the
other gospels the church, men, not God, has decided not to put into the book?
 Wasn't the latest hulabuloo about the one from Judas?

> Oooh.  Good way to miss the point.  The Bible tells us what God thinks
> is important.  If it's not in there, then God obviously did not think it
> was important.

    Blinders, nothing more.

> Umm, God did not play practical joke on Job.  God fixed up Job's pride
> problem and in the process played a practical joke on Satan, and also
> dealt with Job's friends.

    Yeahhhh, except for that whole God won't dissemble until it came to Job.

> Ummm, Lot took the course of action he did because he was trying to
> protect the two angels.  The moral is to be prepared to sacrifice your
> family for the cause of God.  Whether the sacrifice be literal or
> figurative, God is more important.

    Gang-rape is gang-rape.  I thought we were supposed to love our friends
and family while we're hating them.  Er, wait...

> I have answered them.  You just choose to ignore.

    Nope, still waiting on the exact number of sabbath breakers you have killed.

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