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Re: Petition about the Firefox trademark problem

* Kevin Mark (kevin.mark@verizon.net) wrote:
> > 
> Hi Patrick,
> it is not unheard of when packages enter Debian that they face renaming.
> There are numerous examples. e.g. There was a tool called 'git', then
> Linus made a tool called git. They usualy find a prefix or suffix to
> tack on. There was some discussion and Linus's git was renamed to
> git-$SOMETHING. What would happen is that likeley the Gnu Iceweasle
> would be renamed to gnu-iceweaase, iceweasle-gnu or even GnuIceWeasle.
> cheers,
> Kev

Hello Kevin,

Well, that certainly makes sense and seems easy enough.  However,
doesn't it seem strange when deciding on a name to actually choose one
already in use on another project, and especially one which is almost
the same?  I am not surprised that there times when a name which had
been chosen is then used by something else and can lead to
workarounds, but why do that to start with when you already know it
will happen?  Of course, this is all just idle curiosity brought on by
reading this thread, but it does strike me as odd.


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