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Re: Petition about the Firefox trademark problem

* Nate Bargmann (n0nb@networksplus.net) wrote:
> If the
> community decides that IceWeasel shall be the name of the DFSG free
> version of Firefox, then I have little problem with it so long as we
> are able to (legally) make the connection to its being Firefox without
> the branding restrictions. 

What confuses me about this is the existence of the GNU fork called
Iceweasel.  Since the Firefox being considered for Debian will not be
the GNU IceWeasel, but instead simply a Firefox stripped of the name
and logos (if I have followed the comments on this topic so far), I
would think that there would be some real confusion in using this
name.  I have been wondering why Debian would use a name which is
already being used for another project?  And what if Debian decides to
include a package of the GNU browser later?


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