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Re: Petition about the Firefox trademark problem

On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 14:08 -0700, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> Firefox is the current front-runner for secure, stable, all-around
> good web-browsers. This is not a judgement of FF, just an
> observation. Mozilla has changed how it handles some of its IP and the
> freedom of that IP (specifically the artwork). Okay, maybe they
> haven't changed it, but they are trying to enforce it. Regardless,
> this less than free IP is not acceptable to Debian. But, Debian wants
> to include FF in its distribution for reasons listed above.

I'm probably less than sufficiently informed so don't scream at me if my
comments are brain-dead :-)

Why don't they just put it in the non-free repositry?  To me it would
make far more sense to replace the offending artwork with Debian's own,
and rather work the extra features directly back into the mozilla

While I understand the licencing issue, I don't understand why
opensource proponents always have to resort to some sort of derogatory
name for something.  Calling someone a weasel has never been a
compliment, and "ice" never has any positive connotations either.  It's
rally childish.


>  So there
> are two alternatives: either Moz relaxes its rules around the
> less-than-free artwork, or Debian packages a more free version of FF
> under a different name. Moz can't really relax those rules as it opens
> a whole can of worms for others to take advantage of their good
> name. I don't blame them. Maybe no-one will take advantage of that but
> maybe someone will. They have to protect their name and
> reputation. They have chosen to do it in a particular way. Its not
> really a bad way, but its not compatible with Debian. So Debian is
> left with no choice but to release a "generic" version of FF under a
> different name. 
> Frankly its a win-win situation, AFAICT. Deb gets a great browser and
> FF protects their stuff the way they want to. The problem is that now
> Deb won't have a browser called FF. The solution I see is to put
> a Debian patched version of FF in Main and call it Iceweasel and put a
> Moz version of FF in non-free. Done and done. Then the users have choice,
> Moz gets their way, Deb gets their way and we're all happy.
> I don't think petitioning Moz will do any good as they've got too much
> at stake. I don't see it as sour grapes on either side either. Both
> parties have principles to stick to and there is a simple solution to
> the problem without anyone having to abandon their principles. 
> And I don't think its a big deal either. I think a lot of people just
> don't understand (likely me included!).
> I'm sure I'm going to regret posting this, but there it is. be gentle.
> A

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